New Rules Conference 2019

Fri 25 – Sat 26 Jan 2019 EST

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When did it all change? Today's certainties weren't always concrete. History is marked with moments of violent opposition, and it wasn't the masses who rewrote the story. We are living in a time where the impossible looms over us, making us too afraid to challenge it. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and give up or criticize, but there is a different way.

Look around, things have not been this way forever. There was a time where man could not fly, water-fountains were separate and even the idea of peanut-butter was unfathomable. Politics, race, science, education and everything in-between can change and innovate for the better if we begin to believe that we have a responsibility to make it change.
What if everything necessary to shift the impossible to reality is in our possession? What if all we need is... to think differently?

We believe there is a Creator Who makes the impossible, possible. Right now, He is looking throughout the earth for men and women who are willing to be catalysts of change. We each have the capacity to Write New Rules, and this is the beginning. We are gathering individuals together who are willing to rethink the boundaries-- starting with their own lives.

Impossible Notions is about the big picture, and what that means for the individual life. If we desire the impossible to happen in our world, it must start with us. This year, we are focused on identifying the hurdles in our own lives and overcoming them. You will learn from high-capacity leaders in the faith space, sporting arena, and business sector. You will be equipped, challenged and inspired!

Remember, something is only impossible until it happens. Join us as we recapture the power to pioneer and create. This is when it all changes.

VIP package includes a free New Rules shirt of your choice, entry into the conference sessions 10 minutes early to choose your own seat, and lunch with the speakers on Saturday.

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